Thursday, July 19, 2012

Where Has All My Motivation Gone???

               So it’s been a while since I wrote an article. Procrastination will happen when you’re going through a quarter life crisis. Which led me to the idea for this article. Where has all my motivation gone these days?
You know, it’s interesting, about 10 years ago I had so much motivation and ambition. Not only did I have many dreams in life, but there was almost nothing you could do to stop from achieving my dreams. I remember when I wanted to play in the NBA. That was probably one of the most motivating times of my life. When I didn't make my 9th grade basketball team I went and worked harder that next year to make the basketball than anything I have ever worked for my entire life. That was until I made the team the next year. I started the next year right down at the end of the bench. Although a part of me was really grateful just to be on the team, a huge part of me still had something to prove. By the end of the season I had started a few games and earned the award for the Hardest Working Player. I was so motivated during that time period of my life.
               Now, not so much. My pillow seems like the coolest place in the world, because it’s there that I dream. Don’t get me wrong, I am not depressed by any means. By 8am at the latest I am out the door working on whatever I need to that day. But from 5:30 to 6:15 I’m rhythmically slapping my snooze button every 9 minutes. Where has all my motivation gone?
               Science will tell you that motivation comes from desire. There is something you want or desire, and motivation leads you to action to achieve it. So my obvious next question would be, where does desire come from? Then I thought about it. And it’s not that I (or you) have no desire. I think the problem in trying to find motivation during discouragement. When I think back to time in life when I most motivated, nothing to very little could discourage me. No matter what people said, no matter the challenges, no matter how hard I had to push myself, nothing could slow me down. Our ability to fight off and overcome discouragement, I think, will determine how motivated we are in life.
               Discouragement can come from anywhere. Circumstances, people, emotions, just about anything can discourage us. So how do we combat discouragement? Well one person once said to that there are only two important questions if life when it comes to achieving your goals. And those questions are, “Why?” and “How?” Sometimes we see our goal and we start thinking, “How am I ever going to accomplish this?” and we start to get discouraged. However, instead of asking “How” is something going to get done, we need to be asking “Why do I need to accomplish this?” Then you will discover a “why” so big and so important that “how” won’t even matter. Your “why” will be so big that you will have no choice to figure out “how”. There I think is the key to finding your motivation when you have lost it.