Friday, November 2, 2012

Peter Pan Complex

               So I just heard of this thing called the Peter Pan Complex or Peter Pan Syndrome and I knew I had to blog about it. Apparently this is when you don’t want to grow up and refuse to take responsibility for life. Ooooohhh if only it were that simple. Wouldn't that just fire you up beyond all belief if success just happened to you and didn't have to work for it. You could fly around in a fictitious world with mermaids, pirates, fairies, and Native Americans. Yeah, that would awesome!
               You have a personal assistant named Tinkerbell who is secretly in love with you so she does everything you command her to at the drop of a hat. You and your boys never age so you just get to go on adventure after adventure of mishap and fortune. Your arch nemesis would be this snaggletooth old guy with a hook for a hand but since you’re a BOSS you obviously would kick his butt every time. And the best part about all this is that sometimes when it’s late at night you get to sneak in little girls’ room when their parents are asleep and kidnap them and take them to your magical fairy world!.....
               So I’m being a little facetious but you get the idea. I think we should diagnose all college grads or any person 27 years or over who has never moved out of their parent’s house and still parties all time with Peter Pan Complex. These are usually the people you find on reality TV shows like Jersey Shore. Yeah, their immaturity makes for tremendous television ratings, but man do they set our society back few decades. At some point we have to start taking responsibility for our lives.
               People with Peter Pan Syndrome usually are the kind lazy people who put their problems off on other people, blame things like “the government” or “the man” for their shortcomings. Their lives completely lack direction and they are more in tuned with their fantasy world than the real world.
Let the Peter Panners be a warning to the parents and future parents out there who are thinking about coddling their children a little bit too long. You’re asking for a quarter life crisis for them, a giant pain in the butt for you, and a headache for the rest of us if you do that.
Now, although I don’t believe all quarter life cristers have Peter Pan Syndrome, I do believe that some people can develop the Peter Pan Complex during their quarter life crisis if they don’t take their crisis serious enough.
So what do we do about those who suffer from the Peter Pan Syndrome? Well first, I’m not sure it is them that are suffering. We non-Peter Panners are the ones putting up with their immaturity. With that being said, to treat the Peter Panners, I suggest that we excommunicate them all to a small desert island and name it Neverland. I know this sounds drastic and ridiculous, but it seriously could work. I mean, on a desert island you pretty much have two choices: you grow up or you die. Thus getting rid of all the Peter Panners by will or by death. That’ll teach those boys who think they are never going to die. ;)

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