Monday, November 5, 2012

Quarter Life Crisis Symptoms: Regret

          It’s hard to believe that at 20 something years old we can already look back on our short lives and have regrets about decisions we've made. The saying is true, “Hindsight is 20/20”. I know that I have looked back on things I have done in the past and have felt bad about them. If you’re anything like me, then you are you’re biggest critic. You can always think of how you could be better but rarely understand how to motivate yourself to do better. Regret is the is the emotions the will inevitably come up when someone is suffering from the “Should’ve-Would've-Could’ve’s”
               What are some of things you regret? Is it education? Maybe you didn't go to the school you wanted to or got the grades you wanted. Is it a career choice? Maybe you thought your current career would be a lot different or you regret not taking a risk you now feel would've paid off. Is it a financial regret? Splurged all you money or developed unhealthy spending habits? Health regrets? Did those Freshmen Fifteen turn into the Four-Year Forty? Or maybe you are having a hard time breaking the unbalanced eating habits of your youth. It is important to identify what your regrets are so that you know where the source of regret is coming from.
Sometimes I really believe that our mind can play tricks on us. Sometimes we allow our circumstances to dictate our emotions instead of having our emotions dictate our circumstances. Not making the amount of money you want or being in the place you want to be in life can leave you wondering, “What happened?” Remember though, we can’t predict the future so there is no guarantee that path you are currently headed down will lead to utter doom and failure. Maybe this just the part of the story that is anti-climactic but eventually your story will turn out just fine. But I believe you should decide that, not your past.
I find that if I think too much about the past I start to feel regret. And when I start to think too far into the future I start to get discouraged. Haha! Man, what am I to do? I find that the best thing for me is to do what I can do in the here and now, and feeling sorrowful is not going to help me. As in Texas Hold ‘Em, I can only play with the cards I've been dealt. No use crying over all the mistakes I made in past hands.
Since no one is perfect though, regret is unavoidable. We all have made bad decisions. Decision making is always done with incomplete information. If we could exist outside of time and know the exact results of every one of our decisions, then we would never make a mistake and never know what regret feels like. However, I have found that in the midst of a quarter life crisis, regret will only keep you in the crisis, not help you get out.    

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