Friday, November 2, 2012

The Fundamentals: Something to Believe In

               At the core of our being, is our desire to believe in something greater than ourselves. People want to be a part of a greater whole. Don’t believe me? Well, let me ask you this: Would you like to be your own sovereign nation? Would you like to be the monarch of a country with the population of one? Where you make all the decisions and you’re the lone voice of the nation? How great would you feel when you look at all the other nations with more people than yourself? How would your economy function? Face it! At the core of being human, we desire something more than ourselves.
               We are social beings. We desire relationships. Deep meaningful relationships where we give a part of ourselves and in return, through working with another human being, we achieve something together that we couldn't achieve do individually. Whether that accomplishment is something tangible like a goal or intangible like a feeling, we all want to believe we can do something greater. People need something to believe in. People need passion. We admire it and yearn for it.
               This is why I admire children. Ask a little child what they want to do when they grow up and watch their imagine soar. Children believe in something greater than themselves and they take great joy in that. Young children don’t know what depression is because they believe as if unbelief doesn't exist. Show me a depressed person and I’ll show you a person who has lost their childlike faith. Don’t we all need that? A childlike faith. I’m not talking about religion, although it could be that. I’m talking about a faith that drives us and motivates us to be better individuals every day.
               People are motivated by what they believe in. Has your motivation been lacking lately? Maybe it’s because you have nothing to believe in. Belief transcends beyond what you can see, touch, taste, and hear. I’m not talking about a nice car or fancy house. Maybe that stuff comes with your dream but it shouldn't be your dream. If that’s what you believe in, good luck with that. That’s a dream full of vanity.
               Maybe you’re going through a quarter life crisis because you’re looking for something to believe in. A goal or a dream that you’re willing to stay up late at night for. Something that you’re willing to sacrifice your money for.  Something that you will wake up early for and something so big and something you’re so passionate about that you’re willing to convince every soul that they should believe in it too.
               What I've noticed is that these things either usually find you or you create them, but they are,at the end of the day, unique to you. Maybe it’s a great cause or movement. Whatever it is, I believe it’s not just out there for you, but waiting to be unleashed from within you. What I really believe it comes down to is that everyone eventually wants to find something worth dying for, and live for it.

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