Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Fundamentals: Why Am I Here?

Why am I here? Isn't that the axis on which our entire being rotates. That is the fundamental question. Our life in the midst of a quarter life crisis can be summed up as a quest to answer this question.
               You ever see a person who seems to have this question answered. Don’t they seem to have different outlook on life? Sometimes they seem as if they have it all together. Now intellectually we know no one has it all together, but on an emotional level when someone has that question answered they are just different from the rest of us. Their day seems to be a lot busier than the rest of us. Their actions, even the menial one, seem to have a lot more substance. No, their life is not perfect and never will be, but the good, the bad, and the ugly all seems to have purpose in their life. It all is a part of, what appears to be, a complete being. They have a certain spirit that just draws the rest of us to them. Even their peers look up to them in one way or another.
               Now here’s another question: How many people do you really know that has this question answered? Chances are not that many, if any at all. “Why am I here?” We hear about millionaires committing suicide because they never answered this question. They got all their hearts ever desired and had access to anything their eye could see but in the end, nothing filled the void that was this answerless question. Isn't that life’s greatest tragedy? That one could obtain all it ever desired and still not be pleased and even worst, so unsatisfied that you don't want to live.
               There, I believe, is the fundamental problem when trying to answer this question. We begin on path find a cure for the sickness, yet on the way get distracted by the symptoms. We exchange the treasure for the pleasures. The deceitfulness of pleasure is astounding. Pleasure is just that, pleasure. Its function is not to be eternally satisfying. Its purpose is to cause a finite enjoyment that will keep meaning in your life but not to cause meaning. The treasure is what causes meaning. The treasure is your purpose. The very meaning for your existence.
               Now some believe, we’re born, we live, we die and that’s it. But what a sad existence. Personally I believe we all were born with a reason to believe that life does not begin and end with us. And we have a yearning to believe and achieve something greater than ourselves. Otherwise why live?
               Now if you haven’t figured out the answer to this question, don’t go do something rash and unfortunate. But just know that, that is your quest, to answer the question. I will be posting more blogs about how answer this question in the near future but for now just wanted to give everyone something to think about. Because I believe you do have a purpose and you exist for reason. But don’t exchange the treasure for the pleasures!  

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