Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Help I’m Having a Quarter Life Crisis! #Firstworldproblem #Mylifeissohard

                The more I think about it the more I realize that going through a quarter life crisis is such a first world problem. Have you seen the reality TV shows about people going through a quarter life crisis? It’s nothing but 27 year-olds with minimal income jobs, who still live at home with their parents, and spend most of their time having fun and partying talking about how confused they are. They make it seem like going through a quarter life crisis is the hip thing to do. Like everybody should try it because it’s so much fun.
                The more I think about it, the more I realize that going through a quarter life crisis is something  only people living in first world countries can go through.  Not to make too much light of the quarter life crisis, I mean after all, it is the entire topic of my blog and without it I wouldn’t have anything to write about (of course, if I wasn’t going through a quarter life crisis that would mean I would have my life together and therefore wouldn’t have time to blog about how I don’t have my life together…. But I digress..) but I’m pretty sure 20 year olds in 3rd world countries aren’t stressing out about what they want to do with their life.
                I always see first or second generation students from 3rd world countries come to America, crank through college and turn in a very successful and satisfying life. I think that is because people from 3rd world countries view life in a totally different perspective than people from 1st world countries. For them, I imagine, because I haven’t lived a day in their shoes, certain things in life aren’t options but they are necessities. Such as finishing school. For me, finishing college is an option amongst the many I have here in America. We all know plenty of people who didn’t finish school and still had a successful life. So for me, school is just another option I have. If I find a better option or one I like it more I might be more incline to take that route. However, I imagine someone who grew up where most people didn’t have chance to learn how to read, let alone go to college, getting a degree is an absolute necessity not just for themselves but their family as well.
                What makes a first world problem a first world problem is that it’s all the things we more privileged people whine about. Like a phone that doesn’t take pictures or the remote being on the other side of the room. In actually it’s not a problem, we’re just, to put it lightly, a bunch of spoiled brats. When I think about it that way, it makes me more grateful that I have an opportunity to take the chance figure myself out for a little bit because there are many people my age all around the world who do not have time to figure themselves out because too many people are depending on them to make the right choices in life. It also makes me to want to stop whining about all my problems and challenge the rest of you guys to suck it up as well. If you’re going through a quarter life crisis suck it up, your life isn’t that hard! It’s just a first world problem. 

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