Monday, December 17, 2012

Quarter Life Crisis Symptoms: Insecurity About The Near Future

                For most of our lives through this point, we’ve pretty much had our lives mapped out for us by someone else. You go to elementary school, and then you’re going to middle school, and then high school. After or during high school we start to get some freedom to make our own choices about what we want to do with our lives but if you go to college it’s all mapped out for you again, at least rough sketch of a map anyway. The class you’ll have to take, when you’ll take them depending on their availability and so on.
                It’s no wonder we can feel a little insecure about the future in our twenties. Now we have total freedom to steer this Titanic-like ship called life. You ever feel like, no matter what decisions you make right now, they just aren’t going to turn out good in the future? Yep you’re in the middle of a quarter life crisis. Well you’re not alone. I wrote this as I was thinking about all my insecurities about the future. First poem I wrote in a while. I used to have a poetry book when I was younger but then took a poetry class in college and started to disdain the art. But I’ve been feeling way more inspired lately. So here you go:

A Breakthrough
My presence in the present has been presented
With some pressing issues that are mostly just
Unreconciled problems from my prelude

I guess that means my mind is mounted
With mixed emotions that misguiding
My maneuvers through this maze called life

You see I’m stuck and I’m trapped, I’m scared and I’m trembling
I’m suspicious so I don’t trust anyone not even my own decisions
That can both seduce and tempt me to put my faith where it doesn’t belong

But is that wrong?

Is it wrong to wish that I would one day be a winner
Instead of whining about wonders that were
Beyond my weight

Or is this fate?

Fate that I live in fear? No! Fact that I feel unforgiveness? Never!
Face the world with a front because I fear the feelings
That I may cause fellow man may feel? Not on my watch!

See I was made to overcome, made to get it done,
Made to have some fun, made to stand back and hold my ground
In the midst of danger when other say it time to run

No longer will I fear the future in exchange of my failures.
Fortune and fame may not follow this fellow
But forget about fairing in history, it’s time to formulate a new future

Perception has taught me that the past was a present
So I present my presence with a new precept
It’s time to pass being prisoner of my past
And begin being a pioneer of my future 

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