Monday, January 21, 2013

Are You Willing To Fail to Succeed?

                So as some of you know I work with a local church doing some counseling and ministry building for other young people who desire to go into the ministry some day or even just to be a better Christian. The great part about all is that I get to do all this alongside my amazing girlfriend. My girlfriend and I were having a conversation the other day about what it takes to succeed not just in ministry but in life in general. She asked what I thought on the subject and I told her one of the most important qualities any successful person has is their ability to overcome failure.
                Consider this: Let’s say you were unemployed and had been for a while. You have filled out hundreds of applications to everywhere the past few months but nothing. But then let’s say God or a fortune teller or someone or something that could see the future told that the next 2000 interviews you go on, no one will hire you, how would you attitude be?
                For some of us, we would get discouraged and unenthusiastically show up to our next 2000 interviews half-hearted because we know that we would not get the job anyway. Some of us would try to blow through the next 2000 interviews recklessly just wanting to get them over and done with. Some of us would start out enthusiastic, determined to get a job but then after a couple hundred interviews would get discouraged and quit. Some of us would just quit our job search all together before we even got to the first interview.
                All of those people will never be successful. A successful person knows how to fail. A successful person doesn’t waste a failure but rather learns from them. A successful person could fall flat on their face 1000 times and still get up that 1001th time. In our generation everyone wants to win and they want to win now but know wants to suffer. You cannot be afraid of suffering and failure.
                For some people, that can be one of their biggest fears, being a failure. But I told my girlfriend that being a failure is one of my greatest strengths. Sometimes life just needs to knock you on your butt before you really develop what it takes to be successful. How many times are you willing to fail to achieve one of your dreams? How many times are you willing to be humiliated before you’re finally valued? How many bad ideas are you willing to have to finally come up with one great one? If your answer is not many, then prepared to be mediocre the rest of your life. Although, mediocre people don’t make preparations, they just wait for things to happen to them..
                Are you willing to fail to succeed? The other day I got my first email response from this blog from a young woman who said that it really is giving her inspiration during her quarter life crisis. I started this blog 8 months ago and I am just now receiving my first comments and email responses. Out of all the thousands of people who have viewed my blog in the past 8 months only one has responded. Not to mention that millions out there who don’t even know this blog exist. Now that’s failure. I don’t write just because. I write with a purpose and with an intention. An intention to inspire and motivate other people who have a lack of hope in their life. And now, just now, am I starting to see that happen. 25 blogs just to inspire one. How many more bad blogs until I inspire another one? I don’t know, but one thing I do know, is that I am willing to keep writing bad blogs so that maybe one blog will inspire one person to make one decision that will change the rest of their life. With that being said, it’s time to fail my way to victory.